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What Does Alpha Phi Mean To Me? By: Sister Kelly Dziekan

Posted by Emily G on August 8, 2014 at 3:55 PM

What does Alpha Phi mean to me? If I were to be asked what Alpha Phi meant to me, I would have to rewind the clock and take you back to last year, at the bginning of August. As any freshman to be in college, my move in day was nerve wrecking. I was always the child that was very close to her family and friends and never left home for more than a few days. So the idea of moving into a new place completely definitely scared me. On move in day, my parents and I packed up the car and drove down to Adrian College. I knew a few people going to school with me but none of them were like my friends back home.

The best advice I was given about college was “build a new support group at school as soon as you can.” I knew I would always have the people back home that cared about me but it’s easier when you have people who love you that are right there with you. As I began to meet new people, I began to realize how quickly people began to find their niche. I wasn’t a college athlete so I couldn’t count on a team to be there for me. I had gone to various meetings for school organizations. However, it wasn’t until I decided to rush for the sororities that I quickly figured out where I belonged.

I didn’t know what to expect when I went through recruitment. I had heard the stereotype of stuck up rich girls that only wear designer clothing. I can’t believe how wrong that stereotype was. All of the girls I talked to were so down to earth and so academically driven. I met girls that were part of theatre, student government, resident life and many other organizations on campus. I met girls that were college athletes and girls that also worked on campus. I met girls that were marketing majors, biology majors, psychology majors and pretty much every major you can think of. However, despite all of the girls being quite different from one another they all got along. I learned that Alpha Phi was a family. I realized it was all their differences that made them so welcoming. I knew after Preference Night that Alpha Phi was where I belonged and I wanted to be a part of their family. My Alpha Phi family helped me to have one of the best years of my life. I learned how important it is to give back when I attended the Red Dress Gala. I learned how competition can bring us even closer together when we won the Turkey Bowl. I learned how to be proud of being an Alpha Phi when we won Greek Week. I learned to be proud of my past during Relay for Life because I am a pediatric cancer survivor. I learned how to celebrate how great of a year we had during our Formal dance. The most important thing taught me was to care about these girls above all else. I know that no matter how bad my day was or how stressed I am about an exam, they will always be there for me. Alpha Phi will always mean family to me. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing family.

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