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What Alpha Phi has Given Me

Posted by Emily G on December 6, 2014 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (3)


In my three years in Alpha Phi I have grown as a person, a sister, and a woman. I have made lifelong friends, given back to the community, competed against other Greeks for bragging rights, gone to conferences in Chicago and Indianapolis, had late nights baking cookies and eating pizza, watched as my big left Adrian to pave the way for bigger adventures, and felt a twinge of pride as I shopped (and purchased) every bear item in the store. Looking back at these events, I can proudly say that Alpha Phi was the best choice for me in my college career.


Right away, I was drawn to the sense of fun and family the girls were omitting. They were all so unique, hilarious, confident, and classy and I couldn’t wait to be involved. They left their dorm rooms open for visitors, whether it was to tell a story, ask for homework help, or most likely, to borrow crafting supplies. They ate dinner together and always had someone to go out with and I was completely entranced.


Fast forward three years. I’ve been emotional while my big graduated, seen our basement transform into a modern hangout, sat on two executive boards, welcomed numerous new members, danced at three Red Dress Galas and formals, and have finally found my place in our fraternity. My place is being me. In the years living and working with these women, I have grown more confident and learned more about who I am, and could not be more grateful.


I am preparing to graduate in May and am still in a state of disbelief. But even though I’m running to New York, I will openly admit how much I will miss being so close to my sisters. The opportunities I have had with our chapter have given me skills I never thought I would gain and they have truly changed me for the better. I have improved my time management, communication, and leadership skills, become somewhat less awkward in social situations, now have the ability to delegate and listen to others wants, and can craft a mean canvas. I have been free to open up about my dreams and future goals and have an amazing Alpha Phi support system behind me. I’m even studying abroad with some of the coolest cats around (I’m looking at you, Lizzy McGuire wannabe). I can relate to my (actual) sister about her experiences in her Chi Omega chapter and help guide her through her presidency with my experiences if needed.


Looking to next semester, I know senior ceremony will come too quickly. I’m going to cry. It’s inevitable. Alpha Phi has become such a staple in my life that transitioning into another phase of it will be hard but I know it has to come. I am so grateful for all the women in Delta Eta for helping me grow at Adrian. Alpha Phi has given me memories and friendships to last a lifetime. You will all be in my heart as I make my big move and can’t wait to see what you accomplish.

AOE, Mia


Just Another Look

Posted by Emily G on September 9, 2014 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)

First of all; Katy, this is such a beautifully written piece and an amazing tribute to one of your beloved sisters. We are all so touched by your post. It is such a wonderful example of what it truly means to be apart of such a strong and amazing sisterhood.

This is WELL worth the read. Such a beautifully written blog post by one of our greiving sisters at Texas Tech Alpha Phi. Our hearts and prayers are with Kylie's family, our sisters at Texas Tech Alpha Phi, and all of the people Kylie touched within her lifetime. We are here for you all. AOE

Hand Me a Sandwich and a Bid Please! By: Claire Ollila

Posted by Emily G on August 15, 2014 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (3)

Once upon a time in the sandwich line of Ritchie Marketplace, I met a girl donning letters on her shirt who suggested I rush for a sorority here at Adrian College. As a girl who firmly believed the anti-Greek life stereotype and never thought of touching it with a ten-foot pole, I gave her the polite, "Sure, I'll think about it." A few days later, I hesitantly agreed to go through recruitment with one of my good friends under the strict pretense that I would not be joining a sorority, but rather I would just be keeping her company. I had assumed that these awful sorority girls would only try to impress us by how classy and perfect they all were, but this was not the case. Before I knew it, I was bawling my eyes out at Alpha Phi's preference party during a heartwarming ode to the night two girls awoke their entire chapter during a hilarious midnight screaming match over cheese. The story was silly and the context was totally off, considering how formal the party's setting was, but the sentiment behind it was undoubtedly genuine. What I never predicted was that instead of wanting to join Alpha Phi so that I, too, could be classy and fabulous, I'd want to join because I felt like I already belonged. The girls giving this goofy yet sentimental speech were seniors, and it was very evident that something had happened during their previous three years to make them not want to say goodbye. And although I didn't quite understand what that something was, I knew in that moment that I wanted it. I longed to love something so much that it makes saying goodbye so hard.

Sure enough, here I am not even a year later and I've fallen head over heels for Alpha Phi. It was a slow process at first, learning the terms, meeting so many new faces, getting the hang of new routines. Why did all these girls love me so much already, anyways? We had just met, like, a week ago. Better yet, why did I already love them so much in return?

My best attempt at an explanation is that in the midst of an uncertain transition from high school to college, I'd already found a home. I found people who not only welcomed me with open arms (literally and figuratively), but also encouraged me every day to be my best self. This means staying on top of my schoolwork while also knowing when it's okay to relax and have fun. It means holding myself accountable for the responsibilities I take on and the promises I make. It means seizing opportunities and testing new waters so I can allow myself to learn and grow. Through Alpha Phi, I have found unexplainable joy in the silliest ways, and I have learned my own strength during the toughest of times. I've made the very best of friends in places that I otherwise would have never looked, and I am confident that this could not have just been a fluke. This was most certainly fate. Alpha Phi has given me a home, a family, a set of values I believe in, an unbelievable number of valuable leadership opportunities... and to think, it all started in the sandwich line.

"These letters don't make me better than you; they make me better than I used to be." -Anonymus

Phi love and all mine, Claire Ollila

What Does Alpha Phi Mean To Me? By: Sister Kelly Dziekan

Posted by Emily G on August 8, 2014 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

What does Alpha Phi mean to me? If I were to be asked what Alpha Phi meant to me, I would have to rewind the clock and take you back to last year, at the bginning of August. As any freshman to be in college, my move in day was nerve wrecking. I was always the child that was very close to her family and friends and never left home for more than a few days. So the idea of moving into a new place completely definitely scared me. On move in day, my parents and I packed up the car and drove down to Adrian College. I knew a few people going to school with me but none of them were like my friends back home.

The best advice I was given about college was “build a new support group at school as soon as you can.” I knew I would always have the people back home that cared about me but it’s easier when you have people who love you that are right there with you. As I began to meet new people, I began to realize how quickly people began to find their niche. I wasn’t a college athlete so I couldn’t count on a team to be there for me. I had gone to various meetings for school organizations. However, it wasn’t until I decided to rush for the sororities that I quickly figured out where I belonged.

I didn’t know what to expect when I went through recruitment. I had heard the stereotype of stuck up rich girls that only wear designer clothing. I can’t believe how wrong that stereotype was. All of the girls I talked to were so down to earth and so academically driven. I met girls that were part of theatre, student government, resident life and many other organizations on campus. I met girls that were college athletes and girls that also worked on campus. I met girls that were marketing majors, biology majors, psychology majors and pretty much every major you can think of. However, despite all of the girls being quite different from one another they all got along. I learned that Alpha Phi was a family. I realized it was all their differences that made them so welcoming. I knew after Preference Night that Alpha Phi was where I belonged and I wanted to be a part of their family. My Alpha Phi family helped me to have one of the best years of my life. I learned how important it is to give back when I attended the Red Dress Gala. I learned how competition can bring us even closer together when we won the Turkey Bowl. I learned how to be proud of being an Alpha Phi when we won Greek Week. I learned to be proud of my past during Relay for Life because I am a pediatric cancer survivor. I learned how to celebrate how great of a year we had during our Formal dance. The most important thing taught me was to care about these girls above all else. I know that no matter how bad my day was or how stressed I am about an exam, they will always be there for me. Alpha Phi will always mean family to me. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing family.